Committee :
Solange Perroud, captain
Nicole Rüeger, treasurer
Sandra Beer, member
Anna Chappuis, member
Françoise Desbois-Mandelbaum, member

Members of the Ladies' Group : around 120 ladies

Ladies’ Day : Tuesday (between 11am and 1pm)


Committee :
Patrick Jevean, captain
Thomas von Ungern, vice-captain
Erich Hauenstein, president
Dhia Abbas, treasurer

Members of the Seniors’ Group : around 180 seniors

Seniors’ Day : Thursday (between 11am and 1pm)

Le Groupement des Seniors de Lausanne was founded on 14 October 1961. Here are the original articles of association published in GOLF magazine (1962, number 1) :


Captain : Gérald Bussard
Vice-captain : Victoria Roth

Members : around 100 juniors

We have different training groups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, depending on age and level.

When can children start?

Children aged 5-6 can start golf in the "Poussins" (chicks) group.