Dress code

Members, guests and all visitors shall at all times be in attire appropriate to the area or facility of the Club which they are using.

The term "appropriate attire" shall mean clean, presentable clothing in good condition and not offensive to other people.

Sweat/tracksuits, shorts not tailored for golf, short skirts, cargo pants (long or short), leggings, tank tops, strapless tops and tee-shirts are not permitted.

Golf course and practice facilities

All players must be correctly dressed in golf attire with golf shoes. Jeans are not permitted, and caps or visors must be worn in a forward position.

Polo shirt with collar and sleeves, worn inside trousers or Bermuda shorts with belt, golf shoes (soft spikes only).

Polo shirt with collars and sleeves, Bermuda shorts, golf skirts or trousers. Golf shoes (soft spikes only).


Attire appropriate to the clubhouse must be worn at all times.

Headgear (hats and caps of any kind) is not to be worn in the clubhouse (male).

Jeans are only permitted if they are not bleached or holed.